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Teaching Children, What Age?

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    I wish to teach my daughter how to play chess, she is now 5 years and 3 months old, is this too young? Can anyone who has had experience in teaching young children offer any advice please. At present she can name all the pieces and set up the board correctly. The way each piece moves and the object of the game seems so complex, is this beyond a 5 year old?

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    I Will try just to start to play, and then move on to simple tactics, hanging pieces and mate in one.

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    From my personal experience - No, it is not too young, as long as you do not make it rigorous for her, and keep it fun.


    And generally speaking, any type of mental and behavioral development, as long as it is fun, is fine at any age.

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    maybe start by teechiner hower favrit peece moves. baby steps.

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    Not too young, I started to teach my brother at about 5 years of age. Although 'lessons' didn't last more than 1,5 hours all together, he is quite good at understanding pieces' movements, he lacks understanding of relations between pieces (which is attacking another etc.). Expect problems with knight movements!


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