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tips to help you win in bullet

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    if u guys want any tips for bullet ask here I will help u

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    1. But a $500 mouse.

    2. Tap into NASA's internet.

    3. Buy a custom made tower, that costs more than a months owrth of groceris for a family of 4.

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    Try to find a move for white that will NOT checkmate the black king! (Other than Bc2 or any rook move along the 1 file) Keep in mind that pawns could promote on a white square to make a white squared bishop. There are many answers. I got this from a book, and will post the actual puzzle when I can.


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    is this anything to do with bullet? btw I dont know which is white and black cause it looks like white and red

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    anyway i will just guess just move ur king beside the red pawn

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    What I posted earlier was nothing like the actual puzzle, which is below. Try to NOT checkmate the red king. I felt like posting this and I would like some bullet tips. Blue to move.

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    Rc6 Rxh7

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    Unless I’m mentally insane, after any check except for Re6, the black king goes to Ke5.
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    Just move ur blue king

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    What tips would u like?

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    AKJett is correct. As for the bullet tips, how to checkmate without losing to time.

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    Something needs to be guarding e5 so that the king can't just escape there.  I can't remember out what it is in the original puzzle.  But if the puzzle was correct, Rc6



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     anyway does anyone want tips?

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     lol ur so bad at bullet 897 rating LOL

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    Put a black pawn at e5. Yes, I want as many bullet tips as possible.

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    Her's the REAL puzzle.

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    Here is the puzzle!


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    Comment number 14:

    You’re 1300 lol you’re so bad.
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    really? add me then we can play live chess and u cant say im bad if i beat u deal?

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    Don't mess with whitemagicwizard12. He's a boss at bullets.

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