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tips to help you win in bullet

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    Whitemagicwizard I sent you a friend request. Ready to play whenever you are.
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    Sure Wiz, tell me what do I need to do?

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    move very fast use premoves and move your kind alot to stop yourself being checkmated

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     I mean king

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    Redstoneking37 wrote:

    Her's the REAL puzzle.


    Any rook move from the rook on g6 except the pawn capture, that way when the bishop checks the g5 pawn is pushed blocking the check.

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    Redstoneking37 wrote:

    What I posted earlier was nothing like the actual puzzle, which is below. Try to NOT checkmate the red king. I felt like posting this and I would like some bullet tips. Blue to move.

    rc6+ easy


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    Destroyer_Mark_1420 wrote:
    Unless I’m mentally insane, after any check except for Re6, the black king goes to Ke5.

    well rxg5 also does the job

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    Actually, rxg5 does a discovered checkmate.

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    Redstoneking your IQ must be low.
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    Really? By capturing the pawn with your rook, it exposes the bishop, leaving the king in check with nowhere to go. The black rook can't capture the white bishop because the other bishop has it pinned to the king. 


    P.S. I took a real IQ test and my IQ is 148.

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    Plus, you can analyze it by pressing the button in the top right corner. Press the button in the bottom left corner (the board with a magnifying glass), then press the top right button that looks identical.


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