Which is harder: Playing a chess master or solving a rubik's cube


There are currently ~1200 GMs, 3000 IMs, and countless FIDE, National, regional, district and other masters out there.


I saw something that said there are less than 1300, and I just left out the 1 by accident.

Oh, the title actually asks about chessmasters, not grandmasters.  Either way, rubicks cubes are much cheaper and more plentiful.


simple as move the stickers


Solving three Rubik's cubes - while juggling said cubes  - and while beating a chessmaster. I'd like to see that. Smile


All you need to do to solve a Rubik's cube is memorize several combinations. It literally takes like 2-3 hours to learn.


Well, technically it is very easy to 'play' a chessmaster. The hard part is winning.


I think one can go to a toy store, buy a cube, and look up the answer on the internet than one can find a master.