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Why I Shouldn't Be a Greeter on Chess.com!

  • #21

    Tut, don't they vet these greeters? Yell

  • #22

    Ladya... such a funny thread! I notice that you didn't actually play "d00d1234" so I presume you are protecting his identity?

  • #23

    Hmm, she's only playing trysts, so looks like trysts is a total noob, just as I thought Undecided

  • #24

    Nice try, Scottrf, but she wouldn't be playing a welcome game with trysts.

  • #25

    Yeah, I was kidding, me and Trysts are best pals.

  • #26

    The only way in which trysts is a n00b is...NONE! Tongue Out

  • #27

    Can someone enlighten me as to what a noob is (obviously undesirable)?

  • #28

    A noob (also spelled n00b) is someone who doesn't know anything about a certain subject, such as video games or chess. However, if such a person is polite and respectful, the term "newbie" is preferred. A n00b is not only lacking knowledge, but also being annoying. :)

  • #29

    If "d00d1234" asks about the forums, be sure to tell him the scrollbar does not work.

  • #30

    Now d00d1234 is wondering where I got my wicked chess skillz!

    d00d1234: who is ur chess coach

    Me: WGM axvesik.

    d00d1234: o rly cuz ur rating sucks

    Me: I know it does, but that's why I'm taking lessons to get better.

    d00d1234: srsly get a different coach she is bad. even an IM is better than her u will never improve

    Me: ...

    d00d1234: whats that supposed 2 mean

    Me: My chess coach beat IM Anna Zatonskih in a 3-hour Death Match.

    d00d1234: whos that

    Me: One of the best female chess players ever. Look her up. 

    d00d1234: na ur rating is still bad so she must not be very good @all

    Me: *Logs off*

    d00d1234 hey you colosul jerk i was just trying 2 give u summa advice!

  • #31

    Interesting statistic of yours:

    so don't let your rating upset you. Laughing at "dood1234" trying to give you advice!

  • #32

    And looking over your games, you are improving. Enjoy your lessons!


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