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Beating the Computer Impossible ... in 292 moves

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    I have not posted in a LONG time, but I recently played an amusing game that I think is worth posting. Hope you enjoy it:)
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    good job !!!

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    The repetitions were quite amusing. Well played!

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    What the hell happened to you both(you and the comp) from move 21 to 225 xD

    Was epic seeing same moves get repeated.

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    thank you for the comments! I was seriously considering trying to bring my time up to 10 minutes vs teh computer's 2 minutes, but that would have taken about 15 minutes, and that is too much time to spend on a blitz game ;)

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    wow that is seriously crazy!

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    Incredible game, even without the repetition

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    Great game!

    I think you missed a quicker finish though:


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    why it did not end in a draw

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    McHeath wrote:

    I think you missed a quicker finish though:

    I appreciate the combination you posted, but couldn't help but grin at the quote. Laughing

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    You mean Nalimov? I was feeling lazy ... Tongue Out did the first part myself though!

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    The computer wants to win. So it won't willing claim the draw. Remember, the three position repetition has to be claimed!


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