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first round

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    yesterday I played the first round of the tournament in my city I won the first match by checkmate but I was confused I don't know what happened I was feeling like it was the first game of chess in my life I didn't know what am doing ( just moving the pieces without thinking ) at the end of the game I sacrificed my light square bishop I thought it's gonna lead for checkmate & there's noway for his king to survive after the game I looked to my moves and I saw he could run away with his king by Re8 Re6 follow up with Qf8.. anyway I won the first game and I was very lucky can anyone help me and analysis it so I can learn where my mistakes lies ?


    here's the game :


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    1.Maybe it is better to play 5.Bf4 to develope the bishop first and then e3.

    2.At move 7, you can play 7.cxd5  cxd5(7...Nxd5 8.Nxd5 9.Bc4 and then 10.Bxf7+) 8.Bb5 ... 9.Nxd5, wins a pawn.

    3.Maybe you can simply won a pawn after 8.cxd5.

    4.At move 24, I am sure that your opponent got dizzy after you brave f6 although this move is not accurate as indicated by you in the game analysis. In my opinion, you can play 24.Bxh5 gxh5 25.Qxh5 followed by 26.Rf4 27.Rg4+ or some threat like f6.

    5.Anyway, congratulation to your winning, and good luck to you in the following games!

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    thanks for feedback..I really like you comments, stay with me at the upcoming rounds..

    I will do my best next time..

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    As Gelfand showed, e3 is perfectly acceptable. It's just personal taste. Although, I think it was better to play 6. cxd5 cxd5 7. Qb3

    Then the weakness of Black's a3-e8 diagonal is apparent, since black played the h6 time killer.

    Anytime your opponent plays non-mainline there are likely drawbacks. It is an opportunity to jump on those drawbacks.

    8. 0-0? Better was 8. cxd5 and winning the pawn.

    Black missed 17... d5! with d-file domination to follow.

    Black could have played. 22...f5 to prevent that f pawn into turning into a nail in the coffin.

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    yea I was really afraid from 17.....d5 I was hoping that's he will not see it I was saying : oh god please no!! =DD

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    thanks techron :)


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