Killer bishops


hello everyone


well the game yesterday with anand and aronian was amazing, and one of the key things about it was how much influence the two bishops had over the position. I've just finished a game which, although of course an amateur game and undoubtedly riddled with errors, demonstrates this concept as well. I am rather proud of it, though I feel i missed a tactic. My opponents blunders towards the end but up to then I felt I was having the better game thanks to my active pieces.



I might be wrong, but 3... Nf6 with the intention of d5 next move at once seems better.

Why does 13...a5 get an exclaim when the e4 pawn is there for the taking?


Cool man, ta for the advice :)


I see your point but I just liked a5 because helps cement my bishop on a good diagonal. idk, maybe that's just me. It isn't exactly computer analysis :D i am v tired