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Kingside Attack

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    This is my first year playing chess, and this is one of my better victories so far.  I'm not saying I'm great at chess, but I am proud of this game -- as it was my first attempt at a king side attack.  To me, it appeared that my opponent  had "won" the opening, and I would be battling back the rest of the game.  However, he chose to castle queen side which seems to have been a huge blunder. 

    Constructive Criticism welcomed. 

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    nice attack! should have been Queenside attack though, even though Black castled queenside, it is still technically on the "queenside."



    Rd3 was stunning.

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    Very nice! : )


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    thanks for your comments

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    very nice esp. for 1 year

    keep it up, u'll be scrubbing the floor with Gm's 1 day.

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    1 year?  I'm depressed.

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    If 19. ... Bc8 20. Rb3+ Ka8 21. Bxc6+ and I'm sure you can work it out from there.

    17. d4! It seems to deserve an "!"

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    good pawn sac

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    thanks Loomis

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    immortalgamer wrote:

    1 year?  I'm depressed.

    He made it pretty easy for me when he castled onto the open file :)

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    good one


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