Knight Fishing (or, always look a horse gift in the mouth)


No master level game here - just a couple of mid to high 1300 players.  My opponent actually is a very strong 1300 whose beaten a 1637 and has an average opponent of 1430, and beats 1400's repeatedly.  But for whatever reason I have his number - am 4 and 0 against him.  This phenomenon is very interesting to me, where you match up extremely well against an opponent stronger than you, but won't comment on that further here (But hats off to you guy - nothing personal about posting our game here.)

There's a couple of other aspects of this game that interest me.  I was thinking the other day about how cool it is when you're able to dangle bait in front of a player and then draw him to wherever you want via sacrificing a pawn or possibly a minor piece.  This game illustrates that very aptly, at moves 15-16 and then in the checkmate. 

Also -  the opening for me as black in response to e4 is something I'm developing.  Actually, the main line is e4 e5,  Nf3 Bc5,  Nxe5 d6, Nf3 f5.  He didn't take at Nxe5 so it devolved into a modified fried liver for black -  another line I've developed which played out precisely as it does in this game in another win for me earlier this week . 

But as far as the main line,  I know its not used at all after checking the database, but it intrigues me and am in the process of studying all possible lines that can come out of it until I have my own homegrown 'sicilian' of my own devising.  And it definitely has strong possibilities, but I will have to wait until being able to demonstrate that.  But essentially its a gambit as you're sacrificing a pawn (Nxe5) in exchange for development as you're developing both bishops and also forcing a retreat by the White Knight back to f3, after moving d6.  Also you're developing the King's rook via f5.  Anyway its no crazier than the Danish, imo.


Wow, well sacrificed! That was a good game


Thank you - Not one for the ages or anything.