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Moller Attack Miniature

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    Here is a game I just played.

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    Your opponent seems to know the theory quite well... until he gets a bit over-zealous with 16... f5. Instead, 16... f6 should lead to a simple draw by repetition (I'm sure you know the line- but correct me if there's something I'm unaware of). Something I don't particularly like about this line of the Moller Attack, black's ability to get an easy draw...

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    You are correct about 16...f6 as better.  White can continue with 17.g4, but there are quite a few moves black can play that all lead to a repetition.  17.Bd3 is interesting, but it leads to repetition as well.

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    And yet we continue to play this attack, for but a chance at a game like this... what fools we are, hmm? Of course, it's nice to win this sort of game once in a while.


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