My game with former World Chess Champion Tigran Petrosian


Played this back in 1982, right after I became a rated master. He passed away just over two years later....He was world champion 1963 to 1969, Beating Botvinnik in 1963, and Spassky in 1966. Spassky won in 1969, and Fischer defeated both when he won it all in in 1972.


Wow! thanks for posting this i enjoyed watching your video. Great game!


great game


That was great to watch!  What a result!  I also played myself in a simul last year in Guernsey against GM Topalov, the result was not as great. lol!


wow u are great players. as u play great players. i wish to play some famous players too


Thanks for the vidéo,  allways possibility to learn... But for me , it's just a super dream.

Thanks again and regards


I'm amazed that he missed Rc6+, your lucky day.


Nevertheless, well played.


great video,very entertaining, tanks for posting it,i played  in a simul a couple of yrs ago, my country is geographly broken into 4 part, so this guy was the  leinster champion, d reason for d geography lesson is i won and i have to say it felt great haha still does and i dont even know if d guy was titled, :)