Nice attacking game takes me to my highest ever rating


A couple of mistakes by my opponent capitalised on ruthlessly by me

at least 14...Qh6 would make it longer, but of course Nxf7 wins the queen right the way, and mate is coming as well. Nice you have already learnt the concept of removing the defender.


Jesus, your opponent seemed to lack any sense of danger! Your army was lined up for a kingside attack by move six and he plays 6...a6 and then later even 8...Nd5, as if the knight weren't badly needed to guard h7. Then he did not see the threat of removal of the guard of 11.Ne4. And finally, what's with 14...Be8??? Not that 14 ...Qh6 wouldn't have also lost (15.Nf7+!), but still ...


Good job! You've been playing great recently.