Post your Best Miniatures here Part 2


r1bkqb2/1pQ1n2r/p3p2p/3p2p1/8/2N3B1/PPP1NPPP/2KR3R b - - 6 17


this is my best game against someone higher than me by 100 points happy.png

Although there's 1 mistake!




Here's a nice little game when the London met the Dutch!



Played Fried Liver Attack for the first time. My opponet blundered in to a mate



Although this game lasted 39 moves, Black had a decisive advantage by move 25 so I'm offering the first 25 moves of the game. White's errors seem to be small positional concessions and the failure to find an effective plan. Black's pieces somehow became better coordinated and he launched a successful kingside attack.



When your opponent does everything wrong it makes the game so much easier to play