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Rook and Knight for Queen

  • #1

    a nice game i didn't played perfectly , i had some better moves here and there but overall it was a nice game :



  • #2

    Black is playing well. But i think white didnt play well in the opening. Such as 4.cxd5 after playing g3. Don't sacred play Bg2 because white can easily get the pawn back with check if 4...dxc4 5.Qa4+ if he want.

  • #3

    i think both should be ok for white  (cxd5 and Bg2 ) though it's just an assumption ,  cxd5 is very similar to the normal grunfeld exchange variation . the variation played by white is the kemeri variation i should do my homework on this one but ok ... thx . 

  • #4

    I think much better Bg2. This is typical gambit style. I think computer much prefer Bg2 than cxd5 because this is not grunfeld, which you dont have Nc3 play yet..please dont assume the position similar as grunfeld, you need to play grunfeld main line.. the best is to play what best on the board at that time.

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    interesting  ... anyway as i thought , both should be ok for white ... 


    cxd5 is a main line and and actually more popular than Bg2 . it's hard to evaluate openings based on computers since there's much theory to it. and also , those two lines are just the most popular and should be playable for white to play other lines as well . 


  • #6

    44. ... Nxf3+ does the trick nicely. There are many other missed tactical opportunities / hung pieces throughout.

    I do like the idea of saccing a Queen for R+K, though, and I think the counterplay you got justified the point of material you went down. Your opponent played very poorly, though. It seems like he thought he had it won with his Queen + then folded completely, hanging stuff everywhere.


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