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Rossolimo with e5!

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    Here's a game I just played as Black.  I specifically want some feedback on how you would improve the position as Black if White had played 31. g3.  I may have offered a draw if he had played that, or at least played waiting moves until I could think of something.  Do you think Black feasibly has a win in that situation or is it likely to end in a draw?

    Also any things the opponent/I missed that weren't in my analysis are greatly appreciated if pointed out.

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    Too commital for my taste, I'm afraid. After 7.Bg5 or 7.Nh4 I like white.

    4...Nge7 should surely be a better try, although white has some interesting prospects.

    And after 4.Bxc6 bc6?! white has to play simply 5.0-0 followed by c3 and d4.

    31.g3 is much better of course, but still white's position is highly unpleasant. Black can play on forever probing white's weaknesses with absolutely no risk.

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    I have done some analysis on this line (3..e5). Check it out at http://scienceonthesquares.blogspot.com/2012/09/combating-anti-siclians-with-e5-anti.html

    Basically I would recommend, in response to 4.O-O, either 4...Bd6 or 4...Nd4 (Better than Qc7 I think.)

    While I don't think that Black is worse after 4.Bxc6 bxc6, his chances are even better after 4...dxc6. IM pfren, I'd be curious to know what you think of that position: it's kinda like an improved exchange ruy lopez, IMHO.

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    @ DevinCamenares: Well done.

    I will post back, but first I need to check out the material you have posted in some detail.


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