this game, you will enjoy, because it have a little lesson on how space and value come together:)



The only lesson I see in that game is that you should really reconsider the chess fundamentals (which obviously aren't familiar to you), and not move the same piece in the opening just to put it on the grill.

To be more specific, after that genious 6...Nh2 idea, 7.Qg3 and the knight will be lost within the next 2-3 moves.


yes, i see.

the problem with winning, is that when it gets analyzed, one feel guilty for being lucky to have won. it become so complicated to find the correct line, that it might take the fun out of making a move at all.

i did not see, at exact what stage the game was lost to either of us, but what i was thinking of, was how one can get into a position, and how a piece can get into space, that are kinda kept alive by other pieces, that enter the arena.

fact is you are right with the knight/queens being lost, and the chess fundamentals.

thx for the advice:)