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The Game I Won In A Family Campion Match, I Won With 12.5 And He Had 8.5

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    instead of nh4? play Nxe5 with same idea

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    My Idea was to bring him to f5 to block d6 but on his next move he did that for me! Smile

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    The game is a good example of what happens when you don't know the basic developing concepts of chess in the opening. We're not talking memorizing lines, but rather basic stuff like developing pieces to their best squares, freeing up bishops with logical center pawn pushes, getting the king castled, etc.

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    After the 2nd move it seems all black's moves (except for 5.. gxh6) are blunders or inaccuracies. 3.. Nh6? is just inaccurate play.
    Like FirebandX says, it looks like black lacks some basic knowledge on opening principles.
    What I do like is white looking for threats early in the game. Instead of blindly playing lines, looking to take advantage out of unnatural moves from black


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