Yet Another 1.f3... 2.Kf2 win


This was a live game(5min)

I think that black's move 25...Re8 was a mistake, better was Rb8, IMO


nothing really.

first black was attacking with 1 piece at a time with no plan at all. e4 kf2 helps black develops faster. you wont have much success with this opening when u play a stronger player

boston12 wrote:

what do you like about White's first 2 moves?


I really don't know. There's something interesting and daring to it.

but i'm getting a bit tired of it now.


lol... You can't be claiming that this is a viable opening! White would and should lose most all games played between equal players. An Opening that is Daring and Risky is not exactly good Chess, how about playing for Development and control of the Center?

Black should go after White's weakness'with 3....Bd6. Future moves g5 and h5 should be all that is necessary to get at the soft underbelly. Also Nc6 can't be countered at all by White's King's Bishop!


hahaha what an opening heard of that too


10.Ba6+ wins a pawn, no?


fried fox lol


if black played 3. Qh4+ he wins a point staight away (or leaves white king exposed on d4) ??