Á Knight Or A Bishop?


Concerning the ending of the game! say you both have same number of pawns, but one having a Bishop and the other having a Knight only!


Which one is likely to win? The one with the Bishop or one with the Knight? I find it puzzling and really I do not know which one is more likely to give you advantage!?


Help Please!! 

I think in general if there are pawns on both sides of the board, then the bishop is more likely to win.  If the position is locked up or closed, or if the bishop is 'bad' then the knight is more likely to win. 
In generally it is best to have Bishop at the end game if the pieces are in good location PerfectGent and Steven?
it really depends on their position..the bishop must be open..the advantage of the knight is that it can jump..
What would you wish to have at the ending if yes the position fits both the Knight and the Bishop Engleteh?
a bishop can be really strong or really weak in the endgame depending on the squares the pawns are on. In the endgame pawns are usually locked at their position in one way or another. If you have a dark squared bishop and all your pawns are on dark squares while your opponents pawns are on light squares it will be pretty much useless and if you got the same situation but with a light squared bishop it will probably be very strong.
that was truly helpful Neneko!!
It all depends on the pawns, if you have the bishop you would want to keep the board open to make use of it's speed. If you have the knight, you want to keep the board cluttered to make good use of it's jumping.
Knight endgames are very difficult, but fun to play.  The game is drawn most of the time with limited material, but if the pawns are on both sides, I would prefer a bishop.
Could any one post a game where He had a Knight and the other had a Bishop or verse versa so we could learn! Thank you KillaBeez! I still have to win against you! Thank you Flash!