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100 head to head

  • #1

    me and zheka playing against each other 100 games 

  • #2

    Nice idea. Good luck.

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    what openings are you playing this far? are you palying different openings in each game, could you please show the varity of openings in this matchup.

  • #4

    we play

    as white


    as black



  • #5

    So you could just be playing the same games over and over. Fun =/

  • #6


    game 1

    e4 e5 g1f3

    game 2

    e4 e5 f4

  • #7

    The score is 1-0 now.

  • #8

    this games are the same as random walk 

    just put some ant in center of field the ant can go +1 -1 at each direction then you see the random walk if several ants go each ant go diffrent direction


    think in chess how many options for simple opening

    e4 d4  this is 2 for white

    for e4 the black can answer : e5,c5

    for d4 the black can answer d5 of knight f6


    so 2*2 = 4 options

    if we add more two options for lets say 5 moves

    2.^5 is 32 positions !!!

    and if we change the start opening to 

    e4 or d4 or c4 see what we get so many options !!!

  • #9

    1-0 for who?

  • #10
    styxtwo wrote:

    1-0 for who?


  • #11

    i win 2-0


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