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Genius Yi Wei reveals himself to the world

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    Firestopr wrote:

    this kid is a genius! plus, he's Chinese, obviously he will have trouble speaking in English!

    Alan, we're chinese and we speak english well enough. Genius like the rest of us. He's just better at chess.

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    Vo1d3mort wrote:
    sisu wrote
    It was on facebook, and not going to say who it was. But they said:

    "I compared today the game of surprise win of Chinese kid ( 14 years old ) against Alexei Shirov, from some moves upwards the kid played all the first line houddini ( 10 moves in a row ). Very suspect, from opening it was nothing special three pawns for a piece but then some subtle moves like Kb1 in order to give a check with the bishop on c1, I mean this just reminded me on Coris play against me in Benasque during the final stage of the game ( endgame ). Very suspicious indeed."

    The real analysis is that kids prepare with Houdini, and the kid got in a good preparation. Plus older GMs have to accept the change in style of modern players, rather than be bitter about it. I would advise the next opponent to change his openings though

    Hell yeah, he has a transparent lens in his eye and an implanted microspeaker in his auditory canal. A seperate satellite is assigned for the transmision of houdini moves, to ensure his dominance in the tournament and later his vicotry over the world champion! Then those capitalistic westerners have to accept the mental superiority of the citizens of the People's Republic of China !!

    Mentally yes, the Chinese are superior. Hey, we don't need any satellites! I'm Chinese and I know, we'll just hack the USA's. The US does have a lot to spare. Now physically, we'll crush you like cockroaches in badminton and ping-pong, but others...And hey, those transparent lens? I have so that I can hypnotize my opponent in blitz and mind control so that I can make them blunder! 

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    Let's make it happen!


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