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2000+ player willing to play me in daily chess?

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    I want to play some expert players so that i can improve my game for daily chess. Please challenge me if you are interested. I am 1500 rated in daily chess and look forward to playing any challenger. So if you are 2000, please challenge, i would greatly appreciate your help. Just remember my game promises:

    1. I will not bug the over 2000 rated player to analyse my games or coach me
    2. I will not prolong a lost game
    3. I will not cheat in any way

    But... I may and probably will want a rematch!

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and thanks again for your help,

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    Play me...
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    Cjxchess, challenge me to unrated since somehow your daily rating is only 1412 when you are so good :)
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    I'll play you at 3 days per move if you like. I take it you're proposing unrated games, since there's no advantage in playing rated to the higher-rated player. I usually reply to moves quickly if I'm online but am sometimes away for a couple of days, hence 3 days per move, which will be to your advantage if you're playing too many games at once. If you're interested then challenge me, one black one white. wink.png

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    ok i challenged you, but did not put the games to unrated. You can decline the challenges if you want and then i can challenge to unrated

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    I am a National Master with 10+ Years of Teaching Experience. To learn more about me, see www.premierchess.com or www.facebook.com/premierchess.

    We could play a daily chess game and review game afterwards in 30 minute session for $60. 





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    I'll play a 2000+ rated player @ 24 hours per move or less...


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