2000 rapid rating!!!!

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@TechiesUL the main thing is devoting a lot of time to it. Their are no secrets to quick improvement just time and dedication on what you think your main thing in your chess needs to be worked on. If you study chess seriously for a month a few hours a day I know you’ll hit 1200 rapid very quickly just from that.
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That's actually very, very impressive. Given that you have "only" played 4,000 games, this is probably one of the fastest rises that I have ever seen in chess. Well done! Curious to see where you'll end up in a year's time. I think 2300-2400 would be a realistic goal.

I also reached 2000 rating and I haven't even played 2000 matches yet in rapid. Quite proud tbh. Stopped playing chess for 1 and half year then came back like couple of months ago. Started in October 2020 as a complete beginner who didn't even know the rules of castling.


Congrats! In less than a year of 2000? I got to 1900 after roughly 13 month of playing chess.

NMRhino wrote:
I can’t believe it! I finally hit 2000 rapid rating. Originally this was my goal to get to this rating after 5 years of playing, but instead I reached it in less then a year! Now I am going to try and start playing more uscf rated games so I can get my rating up for that. Thanks to everyone in the forums who helped me with suggestions to improve.

Wow wow wow!! Congrats a lot my guy. This is actually my goal. I'm 20 and I'm 1200 rapid. I got a copy of Herman Grooten's Chess Strategy for Club Players and just started reading. Can I even get to that 2000?? I think I've started late 😔. But how long should my program to finish this book be so as to achieve maximum outcome? Please someone help me 🤲🤲🤲 and how did you do it bruh?

Thanks in advance 🙂🙂🙂