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3-d peices

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    is it just me or does anyone else find it hard to concentrate when using the 3-D pieces?

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    i hate them cant think at all

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    i just tried a different color board( marble blue i think) and its great! it really makes the pieces less eye popping

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    i take back what i just said,i lost 2 games cause of the stupid 3d pieces

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    Its like any board though, it takes a little while to get used to "seeing" it.

  • #6

    im used to it. doesnt really bother me

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    i can hardly play properly on a real board, let alone using 3d pieces.

    sad, a 3d being thinking in 2d.

  • #8

    It bothers be too.

  • #9

    i hate 3d

  • #10

    I have never used them actually, I just know they'd be bad, lol. I just like the classic pieces on a white and blue check.

  • #11

    i use classic pieces+blue marble board...really nice

    3-d chess sets makes it REALLY hard to concentrate for me too.

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    I hate 3-d peices, I use the maya ones. (like the way they look)

  • #13

    It's not the 3d pieces - it's the 2d board they're sitting on.

  • #14

    I blundered a queen just becauseI used 3-d pieces

  • #15

    they really stink especially if you play touch move!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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    Wow, lots of hate on the 3D pieces.

    I only use the 3D pieces, and any blunders made using them were NOT because of the pieces' style.  I believe that 3D helps visualize things better when you move to OTB play.

    Worth mentioning is that I'm using the 3D-Wood pieces on the Marble Green board, with board size set to Large.

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    I like them actually. I chose wooden pieces with the olive board. Seems nice to me.

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    peachter wrote:


     what? it is pretty hard using 3-d pieces. i hate 3-d pieces

  • #20

    I don't even look at games, or problems when the diagram uses the 3d pieces.

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