4 year old wants to play chess, how to begin?


start with the piece name, one by one, and the point #, and how to move them.


Play for fun for the next 50 years! But make sure you play within the rules. Otherwise it is not really chess.


kid's going on 1800 days, his gm days r way past. not kidding.


at all.


My daughter is 4 and interested in learning how to play. I basically teach her the pieces one at a time. So for instance, we play with just the pawns, or just the rooks. A very important thing to teach at this age is good sportsmanship. One of our rules is that whoever loses has to say "Good game" to the winner and shake their hand.


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Personally, I learned the rules when I was 5... But plaed excessive when I was 12. I learned the rules straight away. I think it all comes down to the discipline of the child as back then, I was in communist Vietnam where it was discipline 24/7.


Seems to me that the best thing would be a "playmate" of a comparable skill where they can learn (and teach each other) together. At 4 years of age, he might need somebody a year or two older.

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I have a son who is very interested in chess and we play every morning together before work, which is pretty nice. My question is how should I play with him? What is good to begin with? Should he really play with all the pieces like a normal game or should he just do exercises with few pieces? Or shall we just play for the fun of it, no strategy at all? Any chess teachers out there? 

Play only with the pawns at first and let him win a few times and teach him the promotion.....with the queen....then add the bishop etc........after he understood well the pawns play......he is a bit young for more a lot more...


I would not teach chess to anyone younger than 6 or older than 30.

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Nordstrom wrote:

Hmm, it's a delicate balance between not letting him win and still keeping it fun. Remember he is four. I WILL beat him everytime, and he will probably lose interest pretty fast if he never wins. He plays on the iPad though and loses a lot. So I think its a balance as I said. Let him win sometimes, let him lose some. 


Play Black from this position until your child wins consistently. Then, add Black's b- and g-pawns and repeat the process.

That is the best way to go....


I think this video will help just watch thanks 





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