5 games against various ‘Trump’ names accounts...

Lenudan wrote:
I never initiate chat in blitz but I keep it enabled in case my opponents feel the need to. In the past year, I’ve come across 5 unique Trump loving account holders.. the last and by far the worst, was just 20 ago.
The common thread among them you ask? They all have initiated an aggressive/angry/demeaning chat with themes of Neo N.a..zi like admiration for the current US president.


Maybe they are trying to make Chess.com great again?

There was a third page to this thread, that has just been deleted, I was just about to go on to it , and it just disappeared 🤷‍♂️
Haverumwilltravel wrote:

"This thread is still not locked? Incredible. "

Its all about the hate for Trump that keeps this tread open. Now if we want to lock this tread lets talk about the last disaster of a president we had for 8 years. That will do it.

We could talk about Bush but you are changing the subject.  And although his biggest crime may have only been that he is a dimwit (dimwits are somehow attractive to repubs), the consequences of a dimwits decisions are very real.  With the disasterous war, and the great republican recession, I would definitely agree that Bush was the last disaster of a president we had.  

But he was great compared to the current one, who is not only a dimwit, but a mentally ill, megalomanic, compulsive liar, criminal with no respect for the country he is supposed to be serving. 

WOW ! ..........lock is on its way 🙀
woollensock wrote:
WOW ! ..........lock is on its way 🙀


Lock? I’m an admin, Why would I lock this fine discussion ?

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