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A suggestion for the tactics trainer

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    I think that in order to suggest a tag for a problem, you have to be of a certain rating. Perhaps 2000 and above? The tags in tactics trainer are wrong so often that I just completely ignore them now. I personally have never suggested a tag for a problem because I don't consider myself all that good. However, I know enough to say for sure that there is a ton of cleaning up that has to be done due to so many innaccurate tags. The solutions to the problems are almost always correct, it's just the tags that are misleading. I say either have a minimum rating to vote or just get rid of them alltogether. 

    What do you think? 

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    I've often wondered why I couldn't tag a problem. I'm no sure why chess.com would think that only those over 2000 would have an accurate opinion of the correct tag?

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    You can't tag a problem by yourself, it is voted on. When enough people vote for a tag it sticks, but like I said a lot of them are wrong. 

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    Yeah I understand that, but I'm not even getting the opportunity to vote

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    I'm bumping this thread, once. 


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