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African chess players

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    bravo95 wrote:

    is this not a pseudo racist blog?


    I am disappointed

    Because it's only pseudo racist?

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    AndyClifton wrote:
    bravo95 wrote:

    is this not a pseudo racist blog?


    I am disappointed

    Because it's only pseudo racist?

    I was wondering if you had died. Smile

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    Yes, for a time. Laughing

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    Andy is immortal. I like to think of him as Abe Lincoln 2.0

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    Frankdawg wrote:

    I was searching wondering if anyone had a list of say the top 10 or 20 or 100 players of African descent. I am having a difficulty finding any rated over 2500.

    That's because there aren't any.

    Perhaps this will shed light on this discussion. Thechessdrum.net site by Daaim Shabazz is dedicated to just this issue. For those who aren't familiar with Shabazz, he's one of the foremost experts on the subject of pigmentation monitoring (that's the practice of obsessing over peoples skin color) of chess players & he clearly has dedicated himself to this seemingly important area of study. Yep, you heard it right. He's obsessed over what color chess players are, just like the OP & a few others on this thread. Read page 1 as a start. 

     Anyway, his hard work & dedication in the area of pigmentation monitoring should be a beacon of encouragement to all pigmentation monitors everywhere. Given his expertise & long time commitment to the practice of obsessing over the skin color of chess players it seems sensible that his research should be given significant credibility. So based on his own research (after all, he's the preeminant authority on the fuggin' color of chessplayers & their skill level) here is a list of the worlds top black chess players, the very best. The OP mentioned that he was having trouble finding any over 2500, well, that's because there aren't any. This is the top 5 & their world rank. If there are any missing please post player & rating:

                                                                  equivalent to being ranked

    1 Pontus Carlsson 2499       #839         #20 on womens list, #43 on juniors list           

    2 Maurice Ashley  2446    # 1,340        #41 on womens list, #73 on juniors list    

    3 Kenny Solomon  2360    # 3,055     

    4 Watu Kobese      2341   # 3,574        

    5 Willie Morrison   2299    # 5,057        


    I hope this helps in the research Laughing


    More fun facts: top children to pass 2500

    1. Sergey Karjakin       12 yrs, 3 mths

    2. Judit Polgar            12 yrs, 4 mths

    3. Magnus Carlsen       13 yrs, 3 mths

    4. Wesley So               13 yrs, 5 mths

    5. Yi Wei                     13 yrs, 6 mths   


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    Interesting facts. I had this discussion with my girlfriend only recently. She is a psychologist and she thought it might be due to difference in culture.

    Before you can become a grandmaster (or a chessplayer) you have to be exposed to the game of chess. I found that an interesting point of view. If noone in your direct family plays chess and you don't get exposed to it as a (young) kid it will be a tough cookie to ever get to GM levels.

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    Geller_uri99 wrote:

    I'l surely be the first Nigerian GM, I'v defeated all the CMs and NMs I've played in mylife and am ranked at FM level, awesome! Am on course to reach I'm!!!!

    Uri Geller?

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    Boy, could that guy play the spoons.

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    So you think people will misunderstand when you say something... try typing it.

    Szammie has a point that Africans may not have the same opportunities to obtain titles as most of the rest of the world.

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    Access to materials, and books in native language.

    Disposable income to spend on chess.  Computers and the internet are only just becoming popular there... etc.  Whereas Europe and the rest of the world have had them for nearly 30 years.

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    I'm surprised Nigerians have little disposable income, I constantly get emails from generous Nigerians who are soon to be inheritees of massive fortune for a small outlay on my part that will smooth their receipt of their estate.

    I expect to be very rich soon.

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    The OP & specifically Szammie were speaking of black players in general, not only Africans. World wide, not just one location. Page 1 will make it clear what they were asking & discussing.

    By the way, everyone on that list has had a whole world of opportunities & tools along with millions & millions of others. 

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    Unfortunately there is only one GM in the US, hopefully there will be more.

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    [Racist stereotype removed - please don't post this sort of material on Chess.com, as it is not acceptable under our Terms of Service - David, moderator]

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    black nut has shined again but it looks impossible in front of the reality! it seems that even in sports those are fake balloons of the amphitheater(USA)!

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    The narrative in US is "All people have equal abilities" if you find the truth and express your different opinion and show evidence to back it up, you will be taking the wrath of the .......... on yourself. Freedom of speech exists only on paper.

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