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AI Computers

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    Artificial Intelligence Computers are computers with the latest technology and a super smart brain. A famous computer called Deep Blue has a rating of 2700. Deep Blue played a championship against Kasparov. The Computerized brain thinks differently. Since tech has made quick computers the computer calculates about 3 full lines per millisecond (could depend on brain chip strength). The computers work forward to the final position(endgame). The Human brain however works backwards. The computers also have a consistent strenth unlike Humans. For more go to Luca's Chess Posts for questions comments and discussion.
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    Computers are getting stronger Avery second and calculating more lines and quicker.

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    You can find a computer on Computer in chess.com.

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    Also on Shredder there is an adjustable strenth computer. It goes from 800 elo beginner up to 2600 grandmaster.

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    In computer sheds a chess engine is a computer program that analyses chess of chess variant positions and makes decisions on the best moves and lines. the chess engine decide what move to make but typically does not interact directly with the user

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