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ALMOST my most genius tactic ever lol

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    I ALMOST did the best tactic of my career but unfortunately in failed lol.

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    There are like 3 moves that would put white into a better position (he is far better already)

    Qe1+, Re1+ and Qd5 are all perfectly viable for white and make him just winning. I dont really understand how this is the best tactic of your chess career...

    8...dxc3 is just losing if im not totally mistaken.

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    If any of the checks then Ne7 blocks it still threatning the pawn advance to c2 with the discovered.On Qd5 i 0-0

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    Re1ch Ne7 then Qc2 right?

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    If Ne7 blocks doesn't Bg5 just win?

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    Trysts got it. na if Bg5 couldnt you just play pawn to c2?

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    Qxc2, you can't take rook because of bishop taking on e7.

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    I havent run this over win an engine but thats like a horse and a queen for four pawns, a rook, and a bishop. 

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    You don't need an engine, after all the trades happen and Qe4 check followed up by Ng5 the game is just over...

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    I think 10. Qe1+  and 11. Nxc3 no matter what Black does in move 10. Looks ugly, the tactic looked beautiful, but life is not fair.

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    The game just ended in a draw lol....

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    To be honest with you id post it up but it ended with him having a rook and a queen vs my one queen and i just checked about 200 times to get a draw :/ #patzerstyle

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    I took the liberty of posting it for all of us to view. Your opponent just missed 11. Bg5 plain and simple. (Btw, nice draw, you got lucky when he dropped his rook :)

    Sorry about not going more in depth. Obviously Qd5 isnt best (Re1+ is), but it was to prove a point. Re1+ Ne7 and then CBohlin's idea: Bg5 wins pretty much on the spot. Not checkmate in 3 or anything but White has a very easy game. No one is scared of your pawn on c3 :).

    Btw, Bg5 c2 Qxc2 Bxa1 leads to mate for white. I dont remember the exact sequence of moves, just saw it in a chess magazine, but I think its like mate in 3, starting with Rxe7+ obviously. 

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    Well, anything goes for white, even 10.Ng5 is winning. Easiest looks the simple 10.Re1+ Ne7 11.Bg5, when Black may stop dreaming capturing rooks for free.

    Thwe game has little to no similarity with chess... for example, what is wrong with 46.Kg1 which is winning on the spot?

    It could be acceptable as a bullet game, and nothing more than that.

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    yea i cant even lie this is one of my worst games. i just thought i saw a winning combination and went for it. How could i live with myself if i didnt even try it? and i suck when im losing. Attitude and chess wise but i had every right to continuosily check him. 

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    My chess club advisor told me that perpetual checks are something to look out for. I had asked before. They're just part of the game so don't find yourself in that position for it to happen. The game you posted was interesting because, yes, it looked like you had something going on there. I don't see anything wrong with experimenting like that and then to gain feedback from it like this. It's a good learning experience for everyone. 

    But I most certainly agree with "bestovalltime" that perpetual checks are a sign of extremely poor sportsmanship. It just shows that your position and/or material was inferior than your opponent's. Really, who wants to play with someone who has a history of perpetual checks. 

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    bestovalltime wrote:

    Pretty unsportsmanlike to just continually check an obviously much better player if it was me ur never check me that often...weak play

    I agree. I call foul, but legal, play. 

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    bestovalltime wrote:

    Pretty unsportsmanlike to just continually check an obviously much better player if it was me ur never check me that often...weak play

    first, he was not obviously much better! and second, it doesn't even matter. If perpetual check is the way to draw then go for it, every time! 

    It's not very nice to do that on purpose if your opponent has offered a draw and you refused. But that's not the case here - he was trying to avoid the draw (of course he would, being ahead by a rook) and you chased him down, good for you. 

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    It's good to be flexible enough to try and ignore your opponent's threats, so looking isn't bad, but the foundation was not good.  Black is behind in development/hasn't castled so actually it's white who's free to try interesting ideas.  If black wants to do something out of the ordinary it's necessary to back it up with concrete calculations.  If not you'll end up like the game where it turns out white has a dozen different ways to avoid a worse position and a handful that give him a better position.

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    lol @ those who talk about giving lots of checks.  Go study some queen endgames.  Perpetuals are part of the game, and you have to be good enough to give the correct checks while the other player has to be good enough to know where to place their king.  If you're randomly giving checks or randomly moving your king you'll miss your chance to win or draw.  This game is case in point, white missed several wins.  One of them was 47.Kh2 and if Qd6+ then Qe5 and the checks run out.


    Below is a textbook example of a won queen and pawn position because it's not a rook or knight pawn, and because the enemy king is not in front of the pawn (although difficult to avoid all the checks).  If it were a knight pawn for example the black king is actually ideally placed in that sector of the board and black will draw.


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