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Anand vs. Gelfand - 17...Nc6

  • #21

    I think he means full contact chess is wild and tactical, something Anand can do better than Gelfand, who seems at his best in solid positional, and quiet type games that are slow grinding.

  • #22

    Kasparov in his prime was exceptional at full contact chess...

  • #23

    Tal is another that comes to mind.

  • #24

    Old School Charousek though, he is my favorite of the bloody tacticians.

  • #25

    If any of you aren't familiar with the games of Rudolf Rezso Charousek, should give him a look. He is from the late 1800's and died before getting a title shot. I think he has an amazing style. Definately blood and guts, full contact chess. Hehttp://www.chessgames.com/perl/chessplayer?pid=21749re is a link to veiw some of his games.

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    Sorry the link got distorted I think try this one     http://www.chessgames.com/perl/chessplayer?pid=21749     

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    How abt following game by Fischer. I think this is best till date as far as tactics are concerned.


  • #28

    "Game of the Century" Byrne-Fischer.

  • #29

    Exactly game of the century. Would like to see such games in world championship.


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