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Anglocentric racism in chess.com?

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    Well, I suppose this is a sensitive topic and probably will be closed, but anyway...

    I've just noticed that here in chess.com there's a lot of taunting and teasing and even insults in the profiles of non-English speaking users.

    I use to click on the profile of nearly every player I come across and there's this repeating pattern: in user profiles from U.S., U.K., Australia, you can see plenty of compliments, "good games", "very good player", etc. However, in profiles from Eastern Europe, Arab countries, South America, there's a lot of teasing and mocking remarks, mostly made by English speaking users.

    Has anyone else noticed it?

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    what yoiu get by visiting peaple's profile page?many thing on in internet is hyped or  result of  marketing strategy and simply waste of time.no one care if one like/dislike your comment or not.its not worth penny of that instant satisfaction.just play and move on

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    Let's say I like to know who I am playing against. That's what I get.

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    Catalonia?  Catalonia!  What make yo' big head so hard?  Surprised

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    I think you will notice a lot of teasing, mocking remarks anywhere on the internet.

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    ivanovic77 wrote:

    Let's say I like to know who I am playing against. That's what I get.

    You really never know why you are playing on line: gender, race, nationality etc. I mean, do you really think so many members are from North Korea or St Pierre & Miquelon? 

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        Toughen up,u have just entered the wonderful Internet world.  

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    Hi guys.  If you notice any abuse on anyones profile (including your own) please report it to us so that we can take appropriate action. As hard as we try we still can't catch it all on our own, so we greatly appreciate it when you help us out.  We want everyone to feel comfortable here. The link to send in a ticket is at the bottom of the page where it says Help & Support, and then click on Contact Support. 


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