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Apple watch app

  • #1
    Just updated my ipad, and underneath the chess.com icon it said something like "offers Apple watch app". Anyone tried that? Is it just notifications and whatnot, things like challenges, messages or opponent's daily game moves?
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    do you have apple watch?

  • #3
    No but my wife does. Been thinking about getting one.
  • #4

    It doesn't seem to work.  For me, it always says there's no internet connection, then if I go ahead & press on New Game, it might tell me that I'll get a notice when my game is accepted, but that never happens.

  • #5

    I'm afraid the apple watch app is not working. I have informed the powers at be, but it still remains broken.

  • #6
    Apple Watch only shows notifications. If you try to create a new game on it, it’ll load and then say “no connection”. Pretty misleading.
  • #7

    mine does not even show notifications.....just displays this message "No Network.....Error fetching data"

  • #8

    The status still seems to be the same. Is there any development being done on this front?

  • #9
    I have version 3 with the latest watch OS. Chess.com reminders work perfectly for me. I do not have the Chess.com app installed on my watch, however; that’s only on my phone.
  • #10
    It just notifies me when an opponent has made a move during daily games. It is very useful in that context
  • #11
    The app will not let me make moves on my series 3 Apple Watch because it keeps saying network error but it does notify me when my opponent makes a move. I have reported the issue several times and they say that there working in it.

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