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    theliten, in the swear filter detects more than one swear word in a message, it will auto kick.

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    What's the point of a foul language filter anyway? Those who want to swear bypass it anyway.

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    Sounds like the system remembered the earlier warning it gave you.


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    Kansha wrote:

    Our system warns first, if that warning is ignored, it then prevents you from chatting for 60 minutes.  If after that you swear again it removes you from live chess for 30 minutes. 

     by reading the policy you kindly made availabe, would "disable chat", made permantely be a solution to end swearing due to tempers that rise when an actual game is being played
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    Kinda old thread

    But talking about fairness on topic

    I am always drunk when I play :0

    So don't blame that...

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