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Best Chess Book To Learn How To Attack?

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    I have a chess tournament coming up in a month. I want to get a book that would give some great ideas on attacking. Any suggestions? I love Mikkhail Tal games. He is my favorite player of all time.

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    Infact he cannot lean new opening or anyghing special, but in that month he can look for tactics to learn some pattern traps, or do a lot of puzzles to train his board view.

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    Currently im reading this book and i find it amazing:


    Pitty nowadays its too expensive ( its quite an old book), but if you can find it cheaper, i will highly suggest it. It starts with really easy puzzles but gradually it become harder and harder. THe order of the puzzles is not random. THe puzzler repeat a tactic pattern for several times until you start to see them fast and the it move to another pattern.

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    i've not read it myself but vukovic's the art of attack is the obvious classic. then of course there is the life and games of mikhail tal if you're a tal fan.

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    Maybe that one its good too:


    I dont tknow this book but the author its known to write good books and the rewiew seems good ( and its cheap too!)

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    roi_g11 wrote:

    Vukovic's Art of Attack


    That and Shamkovich's The Modern Chess Sacrifice should give him a full month of work!


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