Best Opening?

What are good and easy openings to play for beginners?
i’m just beginner too so take my advice with a grain of salt lol but, i liked learning the london and caro-kann the most. in my opinion, you don’t need to read up on much theory for both of them to be effective
For beginners, I would start with the Italian Game: Pianissimo Variation since it's pretty much a brain dead opening; the basic idea is to develop all your pieces and play from there
With black, I would focus on Italian Game: Giuccio Piano Variation; it's just what black plays in the pianissimo variation
Once you start to get much better you can start playing things like mainline italian and ruy lopez for white
and sicilian defense for black

Chess Openings Resources for Beginners and Beyond…


My advice might be contrary to the orthodoxy but in my opinion beginners have no business learning openings. You should play against other beginners and respond to their moves using your own thought processes. That way you'll learn why certain moves are good. Without that, as soon as your opponent does something which you haven't learned then you're stuck

As White, play E4 or D4. Your next move should depend upon what you opponent plays. Learning an opening can only help you if your opponent plays it too.


Forget about the openings. Learn how to think during the game and openings are going to be piece of cake. I can teach you EXACTLY how to think during the game (opening, middlegame and endgame). Your chess understanding will never be the same and you will improve a lot. I charge €35/h, but if you can’t afford too many lessons, don’t worry. I can teach you a lot in an hour. Here to help if you are interested.

If you want to study by yourself, read ‘Logical Chess’. It is really instructive book. You have it on youtube as well:

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