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Pardon Our Blunders Show Review: Dec. 8, 2010

Reported by:  ChessMarkstheSpot

   Welcome to the weekly review of Pardon Our Blunders. Every week our Hosts cover varied topics—all chess-related. As regular viewers know, their coverage normally leads to some very interesting and entertaining banter. And before the show even started, we had another moment like this:

   David was eating 5 pointed cookies that looked like chocolate fudge on them. He had a one gallon jug of milk plus a “man-cup” of chocolate milk. David was also going on very little sleep, which made him feisty and punchy before the show started. But even more strange, is that David actually cut his thumb with the cookie, enough so that it was beginning to bleed. He then asked if anyone wanted to co-host the show with Danny as he wanted to go beat the heck out of the cookie with a crowbar. David said all you needed was Skype and an IQ of about 70 to do so. Laughing

   As the show started and “Retraction Row” began, David was talking as Danny and Danny as David. So the real David said that he wants to retract what he said about the King’s Gambit and that he will never guarantee a victory again.(remember, he’s talking “as Danny.” And Danny(as David) accepted his apology. So it was an interesting beginning to the show and set this almost chaotic loony-bin comedy pace that would last almost the entire show, and it even began effecting the chat room as well. Total chaos 3 minutes into the show! Did you get all of that?  Cool

And now...let’s get on to the recaps:

Topic #1: Who will win the London Chess Classic? Why?

   David chose Anand here simply because Anand is playing as white in 4 of the seven rounds. But he also said Magnus has a chance because he has black 4 of the 7 rounds. But Magnus, as David continued, has a few things to sort out. He has no magical invulnerable aura around him anymore. Also, I have heard that Magnus has been taking a lot of heat from people since dropping out of the World Championship cycle, to be replaced by Alexander Grischuk. David estimates that a 4.5 total score will be enough to cement victory. Here is the link for the L.C.C.

    Danny said Vladimir Kramnik will win as he is still a force and a beast to be reckoned with in the chess world. Kramnik is still a true contender for the World Championship match in 2012 to try to get the World Championship back from Anand. Winning this will give him a little momentum into the Candidate matches that begin in May of 2011.

   Anyone who has an opinion on this we’d like to know what you’re thinking.  Smile



he is english

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