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Can chessmasters get really mad?

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    I assume that it is almost impossible for any chessmaster to get REALLY mad,where madness takes the form of a subjective behavior which:

    a)Lacks concrete feedback.


    b)Gets repeating on and on!


    Do you agree ?

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    Very difficult to agree, in fact the OP is very difficult to understandLaughing

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    I am REALLY mad! Wink

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    Don't be ridiculous.

    People get angry. Mad people go to insane asylums.

    Of course, dogs and Englishmen are exceptions:

    In the Malay states there are hats like plates, which the Britishers won't wear, At twelve noon the natives swoon, and no further work is done - But Mad Dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun.
    ...Noel Coward

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