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Can I Become GM in 29 Days?

  • #121

    no we are not gms already

  • #122

    yes we are, i'm now offering my GM in 36 hr course for those who arent though.

  • #123

    i just beat myself! owned, me! by the way, this 36 hour bid is going once, ...

  • #124
    Sir_Angry wrote:

    Hey guys, we've been so busy trying to figure out how long it will take us to become GMs that we forgot something.  We already are GMs.

    True. I went to bed last night, thinking I would never be a GM, and woke up this morning, and found out I WAS one!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • #125

    you got a 10 hour GM thingy? dang it, gotta beat that guy out. I say you can do it in 5!

  • #126

    For a GM status I would need crib notes or a certificate from Ebay.

    Can anyone arrange this? 

  • #127

    Bored, aren't you, OP? 

    Some folks have serious questions about improving. This is just nonsense and neither witty nor funny.

  • #128

    I too have serious questions about improving! How can we improve the ability of dingbats to detect satire?

  • #129

    Because board games are so serious right?  Let's not forget chess is, after all, just a game.

  • #130

    chess is just a game that people take seriously...so just like any other game

  • #131

    Yes and finger off the "o".

  • #132

    I dont think you can enter 3 GM norm tournaments in 29 days even if you could win them all unless you travel by jetplane

  • #133

    Ivandh owns his own jetpack.

  • #134

    thank you for the motivation

  • #135
    tubebender wrote:
    winerkleiner wrote:

    Yes and finger off the "o".

    Sorry. I`m trying to grow up but it`s hard.

    Me too, but when did I write that?  Lol.


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