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Can I get my points back

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    OP come play me at poker.

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    I stopped playing for 35 years. Just think of all the points I lost by missing out on years of games. I'll never get them back now.

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    rdmccarthy wrote:
    Why were you upset might I ask?


    Few years ago I was around 600-700 but eventually I climbed to 1000-range, which was my first goal. So now my next goal is to cross 1200 line since thats where the intermediate player starts. So a couple of days ago I had a sequence of wins that got me to cross 1100 line and I was really hoping to continue in this way to get to 1200; but no, instead I had sequence of losing games that got me down all the way down to 957. So I lost the temper and decided to punish myself by purposely getting down to 800-range by resigning. 


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