Can we play Nimzo Indian with white pieces?


I read it that some players have done it successfully. But how? The yaksha answers it.?


White gets to move first but black gets to choose the opening. In general. Think about it.


Well, white clearly has the initiative, choice of space to occupy and black then reacts through systems on how to defend against it.  The very push for space and the consequent overreaching is how so many systems profit.  Take the french, the alekhine, the KID or any number of systems which react to the central structure (or provoke it) in order to firstly survive and secondly exploit it.  White can choose certain openings, though - the KIA is one I particularly love as, even if black does not opt to take control of the centre (temporarily) in a classic reversed position, the setup still allows a good flexibility.  This does not mean that every reversal of a system will give you what you are looking for.  I spent a couple of years as white playing the english over the board in an attempt to get reversed Sicilians but was met with a variety of different openings to meet it that hammered home the point black does not need to meet 1 c4 with 1...e5.  My points here would be why do you want to play the Nimzo as white at all, is there a similar reverse system which would give you the kind of dynamics you are looking for, along with the warning that we do not develop as players just by running one system all the time.