Can you improve your game playing daily chess, or is it just different


I have very little time to study or play live, and playing daily regularly, this combined with a reasonable amount of OTB rated games, has been of great help to me I think.



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No I’m not, I’m just saying becoming better is different to making more effort.

Someone 1,800 taking 2 days playing through all lines on the analysis board and referencing endgame books and master games is a worse player than someone the same rating that isn’t using aids or taking much time.

Well I I could use the same argument for a lot of things in chess: Somebody who is thinking a lot in rapid games is worst than a guy with the same rating who blitz his moves etc. 

Of course but that’s time management, not using things that aren’t allowed in a proper chess game.

И чё это вам даёт?😐

In English he's saying, "and what does this give you?" At least I think that's roughly it.


I believe it does because as you get to certain complex position  in a daily game you can spend an hour if you wish anlysing every conceivable move. This helps you to see the piece pattern combinations at work and finding a solution that you may not conceptualize in a blitz game. I have found that certain pieces/ positions seem to occur  regularly and your muscle memory has already been excercised and 'best move' options are seen more easily

opening book also allows you to delve into the  first say 10 moves and find out what moves lead to what positions. its not in depth theory but its s good foundation