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Castling Structure (Which one do you prefer ?)

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    True, but personal preference is not out of the question, since you can steer positions to become suitable for either castling structures. But don't stop there with your etcetera's - i find those the most interesting parts.
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    Madhacker really has covered everything with the best posiible way , I think.

    I only want to add that when you say , "I prefer that" ,  maybe(with emphasis on it) you lost the true meaning of the study.The point of the study is how to combine the structure's advantages with the rest of your pieces.There  is no good or bad structure , there is  good or bad plan , good or bad move.In a position where we have opposite sides castling and you have, let's say, fianketo , you expect the h4-h5 attack , you don't have to guess , from your study you know what your opponent's  plan is(of course it's not the only one but it is usually the most dangerous one),  you know you have to do something about it and it has to be fast but it is impossible to know if the fianketo is good because how good it is depends on how good you play.You may get checkmated or you may do the checkmate.

    The study gives us the ability to know what is going to happen before it happens or helps us distinguish the best plan/move among many but doesn't give us answers , if only was that easy.Your moves , your game , is the answer.

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    pfren come back, long posters are contagious

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    It means overpowered.

    Eg, master yi is OP

    So is sion

    So is rammus... dat rammus -.-

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    Now you can learn all your internet slang :D


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    (Well I don't know but I think you are a total dork too)


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