chat a good chess teacher can do for you?


thats a question ive been thinking about. i dont need a chessteacher to tell me that i need to study more tactics, i already know that:) but in other areas can a good chessteacher tell you things like "oh you have a weakness here and there in your chesskill you need to improve"? because exept for me having a tactical vision like a blind duck i find it hard to spot what lost me the game quite often when the tactics go right. in short, im considering trying out a chesscoach


noooo what not chat


I think the most beneficial aspect of chess coaching is being exposed to a better chess thought process. It's very instructive to see what the guys sees and what he feels is relevant in a position or not.

He helps you sort things out.

I would advise to try a couple of different coaches and go with the one who inspires you the more.


I think a good chess teacher can help you with strategy, and can tell you the principles that are important (like how to control the center). That will probably be more helpful than just learning tactics.


It can be helpful to annotate a dozen of your games with your motivations, and send it to your coach. I've been on both sides of the exchange and it can be quite helpful.

I'll give you an example. I can see with little trouble some people rated lower make weakening or unneeded pawn moves. Also they often fail to open the position on the wing where they need to attack, while they allow opening of their own king's position.


thats interestning. most of my openings are explained very well in litterature since they are mainlines but when people do strange things for exampel 1.e4...e5 2.Qh5 while i dont fall for the mate at f7 im completely clueless how to continue. maybe a chesscoach to send some games is just what i need


what they can do is teach you how to think when it comes to chess. what the correct approach and thought process should be. very many things that are deceptively simple. you learn differently if you are being taught by a professional who is talking to you and the process is interactive. limits to what videos and articles can do I think and/or things just stick with you more through individual tutoring from a real human being.


Right. That's a sign you did remember the lines, but not the general strategic objective of the opening. It can help to know which early middle game plan you're playing towards. Your coach would have to focus on positional features for a bit and you'd feel a bit more comfortable in ''new'' positions.