Chatting about variations while game still underway


How do you guys feel about chatting about variations you saw while the game is still underway (correspondence chess)? I usually do this after a critical decision has been made.

One part of me thinks this is nice to show one's thoughts during the game when making remarkable decisions, because I kind of think that when the game is over there is less dedication for in dept analysis over positions.

A second part of me however thinks this might disturb my opponent's thinking patterns.

A third part of me thinks that I make my game versus this opponent im chatting with weaker, but I don't care about that. 


Thoughts, anyone?


I only do it in the case of announcing mate, or how I get to a winning position


Generally I would see that as a psychological intrusion, games should be analysed afterwards. However, I am trying out some gambits with a friend, and there we can discuss lines during the game.


I think it's good as long as it's unrated.


I try to analyse my games in the notes while playing, what I was thinking, whether I expected an opponents move.


If you don't know the person you're playing I would say it could be taken as a rude act. It could be a good learning tool in games with friends however

Daeru wrote:

I think it's good as long as it's unrated.

Why does this make a difference?