Chess club in a collage

Hello guys
I'm managing a chess club in my university, so I'd like to know how the other chess clubs are.
How many members do they have?How strong are they?



A collage is a collection of items pasted to a board in an artistic fashion.

Awkward...sorry I mistyped
Um, yes you're right. This is a chess collage
richie_and_oprah wrote:

Chess Collage

That is one nice chess collage.

I doubt that many colleges have collected such nice collages for their colleagues.


There is no simple answer. Just like any other club, the number of members and strength of those members can be anything.


If you want to create internal ratings for your club so people can know how they rank against each other, you could use this calculator I made:

This would NOT be a valid rating outside the club as it only rates them against each other.  But I find this useful rather than doing something like trying to have everyone in the club maintain a rating at a place like


Thank you a lot!
We are just amateurs so few people have an official rating.
To create internal rating sounds a good idea to keep our motivations.
I'll try it!