Chess on College Applications




someone said:  Its alive... its alive!!!   Whats with the necromancy?  

I don't understand that.  I need revision and extention. 


Its alive... its alive!!!   Whats with the necromancy?  

Its alive thing is from the original frankenstein where he reanimated the sewn together body. 

And, like the monster, it just won't die once people start posting, even if it was 3 or 5 or whatever years ago. 


I drink more green tea than anyone on the face of this planet.  I'd say about 12 cups.  I play an hour of chess or so every day as exercise, not yet memorizing openings and openings denied, but appreciating the brain exercise and theory.  Some things are a foundation.  It's not shifting sand.  It's fresh and new every morning.  I don't need frankenstein this morning, I'm too busy looking forward with resurrection.  God himself died for us and no one gives a damn.  There's your frankenstein.