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I took notice of the ratings. Yes I have. In fact more than 40% people on this very platform are like me. But did you see the time when I joined ? I bet you didn't. Because people like you are not able to answers such questions. I would say aren't capable of doing so. 

By the way thank you for criticism.




That's the test result on

MegasAlexandros86 wrote:

You spend a lot of time and you have a below 1000 rating??? such a rating even exists?


Pretty sure that you know it does, from the hundred or so other times you've made a similar insulting comment to low rated players...


Thanks James sir. Not every person on this platform is a bullie, you proved it. I appreciate your support.

Technically no one's underrated.  

PS - (Just a example)

AnatolyKarpov also been considered as a idiot by his teacher, now rest is history.

Ignore the megaass - use the block function. Also don’t worry too much about elo - especially on blitz. If you can ignore the numbers and just enjoy the moves then it’s probably worth spending time on. Also, for what it’s worth, you can learn a lot by study as well as play. Some of the videos you can access as a member here are very educational for our level. But that requires dedicated time to pay off. So if you can dedicate time to study, play, learn and develop it is more rewarding than just the buzz you get from playing. At least I had found that. I don’t get time anymore these days unfortunately, but it’s what I’ll be doing when I get back to it. I would recommend signing up though. For all the downsides, the options for learning here are good. Totally worth it. Note I am in no way affiliated to Or megass. (Who’s average opponent ratings when winning on daily chess is <1400 - which is basically our level). Block, join and learn my friend.

 I never used the block function. Thanks. No reason to talk down to people who are learning the game.