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     Chess ability is inherently different than chess ratings. At It uses the "Glicko rating system." Goto

    I have been playing on the site for many years. I had to study in order to get better. I am now reading ,Dan Hesiman's book called "The best of Novice Nook." Heres,a quote from its pages,"Even if they were born with incredible intellectual gifts, it will require about 8,000 pratice hours to realize thoes gifts." I want a higher rating but in order to earn it,it will require careful study. 

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    Good afternoon everyone,

    I was given a chess set by my grandfather, and I believe it to be quite valuable, however because I already have access to a chess set, this is not one I will be needing to possess.

    I have a link to this chessboard, both brand new retail and the one I currently own. If anyone could post their honest opinion on my chess set and or have any interest in acquiring, do let me know :)

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    And me why am i 1700 on every other website and here im 900? Ok i loose many time by disconnect but seriously most of 900 peoples are really good.

    For example masternorm play since many years, look train hard, read books but he is rated 800 😮. Level here look really hight on blitz

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    likatatoine wrote:

    This thread is like 9 years old...

    I got a cake!

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    i aha funny DrDODSAj

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    rating is not everything but the more you win the better rating you should get so it tells something for sure , count the wins you got in fair games and take losses for time problems away and you can get the point on how good you are and the average opponents you play against gets wrong if time problems and rating is not fair , and for sure if you get to play good names in here and count the wins of them you can also mesaure how good you are not using ratings , cuase the oponnent you win against tells more how good you are for example if you win against nakamura in here that would count more then the rating

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    You should take your time, when playing chess. After a while you may (only may) start to play "Standard" or "Blitz": first the fundament of your skills has to be solid. The rating system may cause "obsession-like"- behaviour of many people, but your first goal has to be to improve slowly, time after time, step by step: no need to rush. If later on your rating is 1500, 1700 or 1900 or higher... does that really count for you? Play tournaments and have fun.

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    I started at 1800
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    Is there a list were you can see all players and rating in order of rating?

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    Mr_Ecko wrote:

    Is there a list were you can see all players and rating in order of rating?


    There is a way through the stats area for each rating type. 

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